The John and Happy White Foundation, first established in January 2000, has been renamed to "Taco/The White Family Foundation". While the Foundation has a new name, its mission remains the same as that created by its founders, the late John and Happy White, to receive and evaluate all requests for grants or other assistance from non-profit community-based entities serving significant social goals in Rhode Island.

Since its beginning, the Foundation has successfully fulfilled that mission, providing assistance to over 300 non-profit organizations. Applicants should read the Grant Guidelines closely paying particular attention to the Areas of Focus and the Letter of Application sections. The Foundation board meets to consider applications every six weeks. Every effort is made to communicate board decisions as quickly as possible.

*August 04, 2015 Update*

Project GOAL Awards It's 2015 Soccer GOAL Cup to Taco Comfort Solutions - Taco Employees Assist Adidas Team to Win Tournament

Taco Project Goal Vicktoria Barokha, Director of Administration for Project GOAL Mark Barbeau of Taco Comfort Solutions Moussa Traore of Taco Comfort Solutionss Darius Shirzadi, Executive Director of Project GOAL

Photo Identifications (From left to right); Vicktoria Barokha, Director of Administration for Project GOAL, Mark Barbeau and Moussa Traore of Taco Comfort Solutions, and Darius Shirzadi, Executive Director of Project GOAL.

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music and arts healthcare education community service environment

Note: The Taco/White Family Foundation does not normally provide support for events expenses – annual meetings, awards luncheons, golf tourneys, etc. The foundation focuses its support on programs and projects designed to advance organizations' missions and objectives. Applicants should avoid sending requests to the Foundation to help meet expenses for these types of events.