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The John Hazen White Jr. family and their family business – Taco Comfort Solutions Inc. – believe in empowering the individual. They actualize their values through the White Family Foundation’s partnerships with local non-profit organizations. Through its grant-making, The White Family Foundation chooses to work with organizations whose focus utilizes all forms of Art or Artistic elements to support programs that serve a diverse population and that enable the growth of the individual.

Areas of Focus

The White Family Foundation supports non-profit organizations whose programs/projects or services expose diverse populations to the Arts in all forms in order to:

  • Empower a community.
  • Develop cultural awareness.
  • Provide economic benefit.
  • Educate youth.
  • Develop leadership skills.
  • Improve individual well-being.

The Foundation mainly focuses its support in Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts.

Non-profit organizations who meet the Foundation guidelines and are interested in submitting a request for support should complete the Letter of Inquiry application. Submissions for 2024 open on March 1 and close on May 15, 2024.

Successful grants will be awarded within the calendar year in which they have been submitted. All awardees are asked to submit an annual report before applying for a request in the following year. 

If your organization receives a grant from the White Family Foundation, please submit a program update to the Foundation before applying for another grant. You are welcome to submit the organization’s annual report as long as it contains information on the program, project or service supported by the Foundation in the past. Please consider including any of the following details when submitting a report:

Please consider including any of the following details when submitting a report:

        • What was the impact of the program/project or service for which you requested funds and how many individuals were impacted by the program, project, or service?
        • Describe how staff and volunteers impact the program, project, or service for which you requested funds.
        • If the grant request was for a specific purpose, please highlight how the grant benefited the program, project or service and helped your organization reach short or long-term goals. Specific data such as the number of people served or who  benefitted from the program, or whether the grant presented an opportunity to generate additional gifts for the program would be welcome.